Bear in Mind Carvings

Hand Carved in Mammoth Lakes by Josh Slater

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Bear Carvings, Chainsaw Carvings, Chainsaw Art, Custom Carvings, Wood Carvings

Custom chainsaw carvings - one of a kind bears with personality.  Beginning with a log that is gathered from naturally felled trees in the surrounding areas, I use a chainsaw to “rough in” a bear.  After a rough image is created, I use a number of electric tools to define the details and personality of the bear.  Not a template nor any other mass producing machine is used to create my carvings.

Bear surgery

Occasionally a bear needs some sprucing up!  I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve to fix cracks and restore your bear and bring it back to life - even if I didn't carve it!  It will look as good as new!  The price of refurbishing your bear is determined by what your bear actually needs. 

Sometimes just a coat of oil will do wonders for your bear - which I recommend people do themselves.  Simply follow the application instructions on whatever oil based product you choose, which usually involves shaking the oil and then brushing it on.  Needless to say, always apply oil outdoors or in a well ventilated area.  

As far as how often to apply oil really depends on where your bear lives.  Basically your bear needs oil when it starts looking really dry and loses its subtle luster.  A little oil will help bring back that luster and protect your bear from the elements!