Bear in Mind Carvings

Hand Carved in Mammoth Lakes by Josh Slater

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Bear Carvings, Chainsaw Carvings, Chainsaw Art, Custom Carvings, Wood Carvings

Custom chainsaw carvings - one of a kind bears with personality.  Beginning with a log that is gathered from naturally felled trees in the surrounding areas, I use a chainsaw to “rough in” a bear.  After a rough image is created, I use a number of electric tools to define the details and personality of the bear.  Not a template nor any other mass producing machine is used to create my carvings.

Price of Carvings vary...

Due to the nature of wood and the details involved in each individual carving, prices vary significantly.  

I charge roughly $100/foot, however, on larger carvings, or customized pieces, the price/foot increases.  There are many factors that determine the price of a carving.  SIZE is the most influential factor - more specifically VOLUME.  Generally as the carving gets taller and/or fatter, the price increases.  With that said, prices can range from $100 up to well over $1,000.  

Other factors that determine the price include:

Position of bear - standing, climbing, sitting...

Wearing clothes, backpack...

Holding something - skis, sign, fish, fishing pole, wine bottle...

Type of wood

Bear holding skis - 3 1/2 ft - SOLD for $550

Family of bears - Momma bear is 4 ft - SOLD for $800 for all 3