Bear in Mind Carvings

Hand Carved in Mammoth Lakes by Josh Slater

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Bear Carvings, Chainsaw Carvings, Chainsaw Art, Custom Carvings, Wood Carvings

Custom chainsaw carvings - one of a kind bears with personality.  Beginning with a log that is gathered from naturally felled trees in the surrounding areas, I use a chainsaw to “rough in” a bear.  After a rough image is created, I use a number of electric tools to define the details and personality of the bear.  Not a template nor any other mass producing machine is used to create my carvings.

Getting To Know Your Bear 


Where Your Bear Should Live

2 Bears

Bears over Minarets

Getting To Know Your Bear

I do everything in my power to prevent cracks from developing on my carvings, however, due to the nature of wood, cracks occasionally happen.  This is normal and will only add to its charm and character over time.  I realize that some people don't share my perspective and do not like cracks - period.  I offer no guarantee that a carving will not crack - it's simply what wood does as it dries out.   I have yet to find a cost effective way of completely preventing cracks.  I can fix cracks, but I can't fix them until they happen.  Please refer to my "Spruce Up Your Bear" page for more information regarding fixing cracks and restoring your bear.

To weather the elements and attempt to prevent cracking every bear is treated with two coats of a Boiled Linseed Oil and Mineral Spirits blend - I use a 1:1 ratio.  Both of these items can be found at your local hardware store.  After those coats completely dry I apply an additional coat of some sort of Deck and Siding Stain - lately I've been using the Cabot brand.  It is a deep penetrating oil that offers Water Resistance, UV Protection, and is Fade Resistant when properly applied.  In addition to the three coats of oil, I also seal the bottom of the base of each carving with an End Sealer - this is one more attempt to help prevent cracking.  Depending on where your bear lives, treating your bear occasionally with some sort of oil based product will ensure a healthy bear for many years to come! 


Where Your Bear Should Live

You can enjoy your bear both indoors or outdoors, however there are a few things to bear in mind  while finding that perfect spot...

First of all - Avoid placing your bear near a fireplace or other heat source.  Bear carvings do not like to get too hot!

Secondly - If possible, avoid placing your bear in direct sunlight.  We all need some sun and a little is okay, but just not too much!  However, if you have your heart set on a spot that happens to be in direct sunlight, it's okay - it just means you may have to spruce up your bear more frequently with a coat of oil.

Thirdly -  Your bear does not mind a little water, but it certainly does not like to get wet everyday - so avoid placing your bear in an area where it will be continuously exposed to water (i.e. sprinklers).

And lastly - If your bear will be living in a garden or on any other dirt surface (such as grass, soil, etc.), it is important to create an air gap between your bear's base and the ground.  Simply place two sticks (or something to that effect) underneath and on either side of the bear's base.  This will prevent trapped moisture from causing health problems for your bear in the future.

Now that you know how to provide a healthy lifestyle for your bear, you will be able to find that perfect spot you all can enjoy!  If you have any questions regarding care for you bear, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Thank you and enjoy!